Visit to St. Paul’s C.E. Primary School, Walkden

Today two team members visited St. Paul’s C.E. Primary School in Walkden at the invitation of the Headteacher, Mrs. Deborah Sandercock. The aim of the visit was to participate in the school’s “job week”, where the children gain an insight into the work undertaken by members of the local community.

Altough Bolton MRT’s members are all volunteers (and for the most part have full-time day jobs!), nevertheless the invitation was accepted and team members Fred Taylor and Sue Purtill visited the children at the school.

A great deal of interest into the work of the team was shown by the children and Fred & Sue answered many questions from children across four primary age year groups. The pupils were instructed on what to do when dialling 999, were told about water safety, they had a play with our arm and leg splints, and some even carried their teacher on a mountain rescue stretcher. Of course it goes without saying that the highlight for many was the chance to play with the blue lights & sirens in the team Landrover!

This is the second year running the team have been invited to attend this Job Week, which gives the team a valuable opportunity to promote the work of the team to the youngsters at the school, and to promote the message of safety on the hills at a young age.