Incident 24/2009

At 16:50 today our team leader was contacted direct by NWAS (Lancashire) enquiring if any team members were in the vicinity of the Rivington Hall Barn, where they had received a report of a male possibly in cardiac arrest.

An emergency ambulance had already been dispatched but the team was asked to co-respond.

Our Deputy Leader who lives at the entrance to Lever Park responded alongside two other team members who live in the immediate area.

With team member Fred Taylor already at our Ladybridge base following the conclusion of a meeting, our BM1 vehicle solo manned was also dispatched.

We understand the male involved had returned from a walk and collapsed in the car park adjacent to the barn.

Upon arrival on scene our Deputy Leader met three doctors (we believe) who were carrying out CPR, having been alerted to the incident whilst they were at a function in the Barn (?).

The emergency ambulance arrived shortly after followed by our other three team members and our BM1 vehicle. The male casualty concerned was taken to hospital by NWAS (Lancashire).