Incident 25/2009

At the very early morning time of 02.58hrs today, the team was paged by Greater Manchester Police for assistance with a missing Salford woman, in circumstances giving GMP cause for her well being.

A search had already been launched by GMP in the Castle Irwell, Charlestown and Agecroft areas for this missing woman involving the GMP Air Support Unit helicopter, Police Officers on the ground and Police General Purpose Dog Units, but this had drawn a blank and more resources with an expansion of the immediate initial search areas were now required.

Our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon established that a search utilising the teams resources was required immediately alongside the course of the River Irwell and some open land areas bouding it in the Castle Irwell area.

In liaison with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes regarding the teams response, Geoff was then contacted direct by GMP with the good news that the misssing woman had been located and by 03.20hrs a team stand down was confirmed.

So team members on home standby to respond were able to get back to their beds relatively quickly!