Rivington Good Friday Festivities

This Easter weekend saw the start of the annual Rivington festivities. It is traditional for families within Horwich and Chorley to walk to Rivington Pike Tower, enjoying the views of the surrounding countryside, which in good weather includes views to the coast towards Liverpool and Blackpool, and the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, Snowdonia and the Cheshire Plains.

With so many people attending the days festivities, many who may not necessarily be hill-aware, Bolton Mountain Rescue provides standby casualty care cover, positioning our Mountain Rescue Landrovers along Georges Lane to respond to any potential incidents. (on a good day over 10,000 people are attracted to the Rvington Pike area on Good Friday).

This year we had 16 Full Team Call-Out members attending the day, together with our 4 Mountain Rescue Landrover Ambulances.

Soon after arriving our services were requested by an injured mountain biker who had damaged his elbow in a fall. After diagnosis by team call-out member Dr Claire Whitney we treated the casualty by splinting his arm in a sling. (Recorded as our incident 26/2009)

The next incident we were made aware of was a missing 10 year old boy. The police on the scene had already been alerted, but with the team having a strategic presence the family of the missing child also alerted us to the search. Fortunately 10 minutes after the child went missing we heard the news he had been reunited with his family after bumping in to another relative walking through the gardens that day. (not recorded in our incident listings, recorded here for information only).

We next dealt with an ankle injury to a young boy in the vicinity of the Pigeon Tower. The child had been enjoying the day out and jumped off a step, unfortunately damaging his ankle. After using our vacuum splint to support the injury our BM2 transferred the child to the parents vehicle, for onward transfer by them to hospital. (recorded as incident 27/2009)

Postscript On Saturday April 11th we had a Guestbook entry from the young lads father – Hi to the team, and thanks for helping my son on good friday at Winter Hill. He has sustained a fracture to his foot. I came to the visit on Monday 6th of April and the Friday of the same week you helped my Son, many many thanks.I really appreciate the help given by all. P.McDonough M0TXR (Bolton Wireless Club Training Officer)

After unloading the crew of BM2 in order to transfer the child to his parents vehicle, whilst walking back to the control location, team members came across a labradoodle dog which had badly cut one of its pads. Not one to miss a challenge, our Medical Equipment Officer, Mark Scott, steri-striped and bandaged the wound, and advised the owners to take the animal to the vets to get the injury stitched. (not recorded in our incident listings, recorded here for information only).

Shortly after dealing with the dog another group approached our Landrover ambulance, requesting assistance with a knee injury to one of their party. Whilst walking down from the Pike he injured his knee a short distance from our vehicle. Once again our Medical Equipment Officer, Mark Scott, performed casualty care, administering pain relieving gas and drugs to ease the casualties considerable pain. The casualty was placed on a spine board before being transfered to Royal Bolton Hospital in our BM2 Mountain Rescue ambulance. (Incident 28/2009)

Whilst winding down for the day Mark Scott completed his hat-trick of injuries (the jury is out on whether the injured dog can be included in his tally!) Whilst travelling along Georges Lane the Landrover ambulance he was in was flagged down as a member of a walking party had injured their ankle. The casualty was offered pain relief, but this was declined, and the casualty was transported to their home address nearby in our BM2 vehicle. (not recorded in our incident listings, recorded here for information only).

All members returned to our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ at 17:00, and then off to our respective family duties and day jobs. Many thanks to all the people who came to say hello to our members, and we hope it has persuaded some of the people walking today to spend more time in the West Pennine Moors and surrounding countryside.