April new members recruitment latest update.

With just days to go to the start of our two part membership call out list recruitment sessions, commencing on Thursday evening, April 23rd and all day Sunday April 26th, we’ve had 13x positive expressions of interest via our on line initial membership application form.

From these 13x applications, to date four people have confirmed they will be attending on Thursday evening, with at least another 3x indicating they will also be attending.

This is the lowest number of initial expressions of interest we’ve received in joining the team with regards to any recent recruitment drive, perhaps people have less time nowadays to devote to membership of busy voluntary organisations such as ours ?

With a usual ratio of one woman to every 20 men applying to join the team, the figures for this particular recruitment session are somewhat different, with four women and nine men having expressed an interest in joining and to answer the question that we are always asked ! At present we have 38 call out list members, including 7x female call out list team members. Nine members constitute our Support Group membership, 6x women & 3x men. In addition the team has four ’reserve’ call out list members. All male, all having served between 15 years and nearly 30 years in the team.

If you wish to be considered for team call out list membership then get your on line initial membership application in to the team now.

Please note our next recruitment drive is not currently scheduled until early 2010.