Presentation at base to the Men’s Group of St Paul”s Church, Astley Bridge

On the evening of Tuesday 21st April, 12 Gentlemen from the Men’s Group of St Paul’s Church, Astley Bridge, visited Ladybridge Hall for a second discussion about Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and their activities. After visiting the Group at St. Paul’s last year, the Group requested that they visit our base to have a further overview of the team’s work.

Full call out team members Neil Warburton and Elaine Gilliland welcomed the Group and after a 20 minute presentation from Elaine proudly showing the Ladybridge base and giving an overview of this years incidents, the Group were given a presentation by Neil on the vehicles and the equipment carried on and in the vehicles. Unfortunately, the lecture was cut short due to a call out. Neil and Elaine had to rapidly pack the equipment back into the vehicles and promised a repeat session for the Group.

The Gentlemen, although intrigued by our rapid response with people arriving at the base within 7 minutes of the pager call, left the base promising a donation for the team.

We would again like to thank the Group for their continuing interest and support of the team and would like to welcome them back for further discussions in the near future