Another great donation from the Bolton O50 Friendship Centre Group.

Following on from our Honorary Life Vice President Tony McNally’s talk to the Bolton Over 50 Friendship Centre Group on Wednesday 18th March 2009, when they very kindly donated £70.24, a further £5.00 was donated on 31st March 2009, we are extremely pleased today to report the receipt of a letter and donation for £150.00 from Audrey Neill, Treasurer of the Bolton Over 50 Friendship Centre Group.

In the letter she states “..please accept a donation of £150.00 from the Bolton 050 Friendship Centre. We choose different charities each year, so this year you are one of three. We wish you well in your work..

The team is honoured to be supported in this way by all at Bolton O50 Friendship Centre Group, particulary so soon after recieving the previous very kind and thoughtful donations.

Please also see our ’news’ articles dated Wednesday 18th March 2009 and Tuesday 31st March 2009