Kind support from ex team member Richard Hankins of the British Red Cross.

Today we recieved a very kind letter and gifts from ex team call out list member Richard Hankins, team member 1990 to 1998, who is currently Head of Event First Aid for the British Red Cross Society.

Richard in his letter stated “Congratulations to everyone in the Bolton MRT on your 40th Anniversary Year.” He went on to state, “It has been great to see the team develop its standards of practice and equipment over the years. This has been matched by developing niche roles working in support of the Ambulance Service as well as in a traditional mountain rescue role. As a result the team has developed from the ’poor relation’ to a flagship ’team’. Here’s looking forward to the trials and opportunities of the next 40 years.

Richard with his letter enclosed two small gifts from the British Red Cross to our team, “In recognition of forty years of voluntary humanitarian work by the team.

The very kind and generous gifts consisted of a two volume bound set of British Red Cross First Aid, Training Assessment Photographs, together with full notations and training ’prompt guide notes.’

These two volumes will be utilised as an excellent training resource within the delivery of our extensive and on going casualty care training programme, and we are very grateful to Richard Hankins and the British Red Cross for this donation.

On a related matter Richard Hankins also kindly recently supplied the team with comprehensive details and notes on the Emergency Response Driving Procedure developed by and under adoption by the British Red Cross for its Ambulance Drivers.

These notes have contributed to other information, training literature and resources that the team has and refers to in relation to our own Emergency Response Driving guidelines.

The team extends its best wishes to Richard and his continuing success in his current very important role as Head of Event First Aid with the British Red Cross Society.