Visit to Team by Edgworth Real Festival Committee

Tonight members of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee, visited our Ladybridge base as guests of our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, who gave them a full presentation on the work of our Team and that of Mountain Rescue in general within the UK.

Edgworth Real Ale Festival Committee have very kindly agreed to support the Team as their choosen charity beneficiary at this years Edgworth Real Ale Festival, to be held at the Barlow Institute, Bolton Rd, Edgworth, over the weekend of Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September.

The committee members were all amazed at the wide role that our Team undertakes within the Greater Manchester & Lancashire areas and equally amazed at the diversity of incidents we attend, as do other MRTs in the UK.

Following Garry’s presentation, the group was introduced to Dave Healey who will assist them in creating links from our website to publicise the festival.

Team members Chris Tennant & Fred Taylor, then gave the committee members a guided tour of our base, Team vehicles garaged here and the equipment we use on incidents.