Wednesday night welcome back to former team member.

This evening former team call out list member Gillian Leigh visited the team at the invitation of our Team Leader to see how things have changed since she left the team in 1994.

Our Team Leader met Gill at our Spring Fayre and she had quickly taken up the invitation to come along, joining fully in with our Wednesday evening session which this week was concentrating on ’back to basics skills.’

Gillian joined the team in 1985 leaving in 1994 to take up a career in teaching going on to bring up her young family with her husband Ian, also a ex team member and former Deputy Team Leader.

In her time in the team Gillian became an experienced team member, and party leader, serving on the Team Council as the teams Honorary Secretary.

During this evenings session two Support Group members, Johanne Lamb and Hazel Kennedy volunteered to be ’exercise casualties’ for the rest of the team to practise their splinting skills on.