Team called to two Road Traffic Accidents in Rivington and Abbey Village.

Late this afternoon whilst in the Rivington and Belmont areas, team members were asked by NWAS (Lancashire) to lend assistance at the report of an RTC at the junction of Sheephouse Lane and Lower House, Rivington.

As team members arrived the injured party, a motor cyclist, was already being treated by the responding NWAS RRV Paramedic and the NWAS Emergency Ambulance crew, and with the rapid arrival of Lancashire Police resources the team was stood down on scene. Another nearby RTC accident had also involved Lancashire Police, at the cattle grid on Sheephouse Lane, Rivington.

As team vehicles were leaving the first accident location, Lancashire Police were called to another RTC, this time in Abbey Village, and we were asked to joint respond with the Police resources from the two now completed RTC incidents at Rivington. During this response in the vicinity of Belmont we were stood down, along with the North West Air Ambulance, when it become established by NWAS (Lancashire ) Control that the Abbey Village RTC only involved ’walking wounded’ and we were no longer required.

As our involvement was minimal at these two RTC, they have been reported here for information only and does not feature in our incident figures or reports.