Incident 38/2009

At circa 12 noon today the team was contacted by NWAS (Lancashire) for possible assistance with the reports of a man collapsed on a path adjacent to the Rivington Reservoirs.

The North West Air Ambulance Helimed 08 and NWAS (Lancashire) resources had already been despatched, so a very limited team response was made by two team members, Geoff Seddon our Deputy Leader, and Mike Marsh, who live in the immediate area.

It was quickly established by all the responding emergency assets that the 68 year old male walker, out with a group of like minded friends, had suffered minor injuries as a result of a fall after possibly fainting.

Our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon was able to access the casualty site directly in his four wheel drive vehicle, and was able to transport the casualty to the waiting nearby NWAS Emergency Ambulance for transfer to Chorley Hospital.
This incident was concluded by all involved at 13.11hrs.

NWAA Helimed 08 attended, alongside an NWAS (Lancashire) Rapid Response Vehicle and an NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance, plus our two team members.