Donation from Horwich New Heart Club.

We are pleased to announce today the receipt of a £75.00 donation from Horwich New Heart Club, in regards to our having provided standby rescue cover for their Sunday 17th May 2009 Annual Rivington Pike Sponsored Walk, see news article dated the same.

Roger Bunyan, Chair of the Horwich New Heart Club, commented in a letter to our Team Leader accompanying the donation, “we very much appreciate your assistance, in general terms thanks must be given to all of your team for the work you do in the north west throughout the year.” The team thanks Horwich New Heart Club in turn for their continuing support of the team.

On a seperate note, Roger Bunyan, Chair of Horwich New Heart Club, in another guise as a member of the ’Wainwright Society’ recently took part in a fundraiser for Search and Rescue Dogs by undertaking a sponsored ascent with other members of the ’Wainwright Society’ of summits in the Lake District. So on behalf of SARDA Roger, heres a big thanks for your support of Search and Rescue Dogs.