Team Call Out list membership retirements.

The team is sad to announce the loss of three team call out list members over the recent week, with the retirement from the team of Pedro Seromenho, Joanne Stones and Sue Purtil.

Pedro Seromenho, a 34 year old IT Developer from Leigh, joined the team on 17th August 2008, but has had to leave, on May 27th, due to work and college pressures, not to mention the arrival of a baby daughter!

Joanne Stones, a 40 year old Manager from Bromley Cross, Bolton and a very experienced hill walker, with an excellent knowledge of some of the remoter parts of the Scottish Highlands, has left the team on June 1st due to increasing work commitments resulting in evening and weekend working, giving her less time and availability to spend on team activities.

Joanne joined the team in February 2007, taking on the very important and very demanding role of Honorary Team Treasurer in January 2008. Until such time that the team appoints a new Honorary Team Treasurer, we have a Special General Meeting arranged for such on Wednesday 1st July 2009 at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ, Joanne has very kindly offered to continue as Honorary Team Treasurer on a ’caretaker’ basis.

Sue Purtil, a 48 year old Farmer / Gardener from Westhoughton, joined the team in May 2007 and has left the team on June 3rd due to the increasing demands of running and manageing a livestock farm joint with her husband in the Westhoughton area, giving her less and less time to devote to team activities.
Sue was elected to the post of Team Catering Officer in March 2008, and oversaw the introduction into team service that year of a brand new purpose built Team Catering Trailer.

Sue has very kindly offered to return to the team to ’induct’ our new Catering Officer into the role following our hopeful election of such at the same Special General Meeting as mentioned above.

All three of the above have proved to be excellent well liked team members, fully committed and dedicated to the demands our team has made upon their time.
The whole team membership wishes Pedro, Joanne and Sue all the very best in their ’retirement’ from team activities, and looks forward to the day when all three return to the fold when their personal circumstances allow.