Kind donation from Harwood Ladies Club.

We are pleased to announce the receipt today of an extremely kind £200.00 donation from Harwood Ladies Club.

In a letter accompanying this generous donation Mrs Wendy Houghton, Treasurer of Harwood Ladies Club explained that the donation arose from their recent AGM when they kindly decided to support our “worthy cause.”

Wendy went on to state in her letter; “We were fortunate, some years back, to be given a talk by two of your members. We realise the amount of voluntary work your team are committed to and that the work covers both a large area and is very varied.”

“We would like to thank you for the splendid work you do and whilst hoping that we never need your services, we are reassured that you would be there to help and in a very professional manner.”

The whole team is very grateful to all the members of Harwood Ladies Club for their kindness in supporting us in this very generous and much appreciated way.