Kind donation from casualty involved in Incident 35-2009.

Today we are pleased to announce a very kind £51.00 donation, to which we can add Gift Aid, from Mr Bipin Patel, the casualty involved in Incident 35-2009, which happened on Wednesday evening, 22nd April. Bipin had earlier sent a very kind email in to the team extracts of which are copied below.

Hi there, my name is Bipin Patel. I was attended to by BMRT after I fell of my bicycle whilst cycling home. I dislocated my shoulder and was in severe pain, the pain getting worse the longer I waited. I was initially assisted by a passer by Naresh Patel who contacted the ambulance service. I was very uncomfortable and irritated by my shoulder pain.

Ambulance service attended together with BMRT and the MRT doctors provided some painkillers and put me onto a stretcher and carried me approx 1.5 – 2 miles to the waiting ambulance at Lostock Arms. I believe there were 34 people helping me altogether.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all the BMRT members for coming to aid in a remote and difficult to get to location. I would also like to thank Dr Sarah Drake (of BMRT) who accompanied me to hospital and waited whilst my shoulder was put back in place. My shoulder was in a brace and I am know receiving physio to get it moving again because of severe stiffness.
Once again thanks to all the team members who assisted me for their great service and carried me to the ambulance.

Thanks, Bipin Patel.”