Incident 45/2009

At the conclusion of our watching over the Belmont Primary School Sponsored Walk, at 15.55hrs our Team Leader was contacted direct by NWAS (Lancashire) regarding the teams assistance with the report of a collapsed male, in the vicinity of ’Liverpool Castle’ in Lever Park, Rivington.

All the track network in Lever Park now has locked gates immediately where the tracks lead off the main road through Lever Park, with the team having access keys to these tracks, alongside an intimate knowledge of the track layout.

By 16.02hrs our Team Leader and the first of our Team Vehicles had met up with the responding NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance, from Chorley Ambulance Station, at the Rivington Lane RVP. Opening the access gates with our keys, the two NWAS crew were taken to the Castle in two of the teams Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances, the tracks are too rough for NWAS vehicles to drive along.

The 18 years old male involved was quickly assessed and transported back to the Ambulance roadside RVP in a team vehicle, where he was transferred to the NWAS Ambulance, which took him to Chorley Hospital.

In total 16x Bolton MRT members in four Team vehicles responded to this incident with a further one member being stood down down responding.