Team assists NWAS Greater Manchester Ambulance Service

At 18:29 this evening the team received a request from North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester) to assist with the unusually high number of 999 calls the service was receiving.

The team mobilised 3 of our 4 Landrover Ambulances to deal with the NWAS calls, with our 4th Landrover crewed in case the team received a ’mountain rescue’ type call. In total 13 full team callout members dealt with a total of 7 ambulance assist incidents, working at the direction of NWAS (Manchester) Control and on some incidents joint with NWAS Rapid Response Paramedics.

Our first incident came at 19:35 hours with our last incident at 22:20 hours. We responded to 4x Code Red and 3x Code Amber calls.

At the conclusion of our involvement this evening assisting NWAS (Manchester) all members enjoyed a pizza supper. (ordered from Pizza Xpress of 62 Bridge Street, Bolton, who very kindly gave us a superb discount deal on the pizzas ordered as a way of supporting the team when they found out what we had been doing).

For individual details on each of these incidents please refer to the incidents part of our website. Incidents number 46/2009 to 52/2009.

Oldham MRT were also mobilsed by NWAS this evening for the same reasons, mobilsing one vehicle which dealt with two calls.