Election of Treasurer and Catering Officer

This evening the team held a Special General Meeting for the posts of Treasurer and Catering and Base Officer, following the recent departure from the team of Joanne Stones and Sue Purtill respectively.

29x call out list members, 2x reserve call out list members, and 2x support Group Members attended this SGM.

We are pleased to announce the election of Johanne Lamb, a member of the Support Group to the role of Treasurer. Johanne, who in her day job manages budgets for an education centre, is more than qualified her for the role.

Full Team Callout member Elaine Gilliland was elected as the Catering and Base Officer, whose job includes ensuring the base and our catering trailer is stocked with food and drinks in the event of any callout and to organise (or press gang) others to assist in the cleaning and maintenance of the base.

The whole team wishes both Johanne and Elaine the very best in taking on these demanding roles.