Incident 53/2009

At 20:35 this evening with the prior knowledge that the team was available at its base (for our SGM) NWAS (Lancashire) contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes with details of a mountain bike accident which had been reported somewhere in the vicinity of Winter Hill summit.

An immediate response was made from our base by the 31 call out list members immediately available who crewed our four team landrovers and some private vehicles, with the intention of meeting the NWAS emergency ambulance en-route from Blackburn.

In the initial stages of this response our team leader received news that assisted by other members of the six strong party the casualty was being assisted down from Winter Hill in the direction of Belmont.

Our response was therefore scaled down to just 8 team members including one of our team Landrover ambulances.

By 20:56 hours we had located the 22 years old male casualty who had suffered a fractured collar bone, and despite his injury was thankfully not in any great pain.

Immediate casualty care was offered by our two doctors (Sarah Drake and Clare Whitney) including splinting his injury.

At 21:00 hours the NWAS (lancashire ) emergency ambulance arrived on scene and very quickly had the mountain biker en-route to Royal Bolton Hospital.