Incident 54/2009

At 04:10 hours this morning the team received a pager call from the Team Leader, Andy Simpson, of Rossendale & Pendle MRT, one of our neighbouring mountain rescue teams, who in turn had been called out to cover a search incident in Bowland Pennine MRTs area.

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, established details of the call out before sending a full team call out message at 4:29, to respond to reports of two missing persons in the Abbeystead area of Lancaster. This area is part of another neighbouring teams area, Bowland Pennine MRT, but they were tied up conducting another unrelated search in the Preesall area for a missing child, so had passed the call to RPMRT to conduct this search.

In turn Rossendale & Pendle, due to a high recent incident workload and their team fundraising walk which had occupied them throughout all of Saturday passed the call to ourselves.

Initially meeting at our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ for 5:15, 15 team members in 4 team vehicles and our control trailer headed north up the M6 for the search RVP at Over Wyresdale Parish Hall in the Abbeystead area, just outside the Forest of Bowland.

At 6:15 whilst on route to the RVP, our Team Leader received a phonecall from Andy Simpson, that the missing couple had been located by police and that we could stand down.

So the early birds in the team all returned to Ladybridge Hall for an early morning wake-up brew.