Incident 56/2009

At 21:49 this evening, the team was paged by NWAS (Manchester) who were requesting assistance at an incident in the Clifton Green area of Swinton.

A 999 call received less than 5 minutes earlier had reported that a man had apparently slipped and fallen several metres down a steep embankment and down to the water’s edge at Clifton Green Dam (on a reservoir off Queensway), and was now unconscious.

With the first team member arriving on scene minutes after the first NWAS vehicle (a HART response vehicle); a further 19 team members and four team vehicles responded to assist at this incident, alongside an additional HART response vehicle and an NWAS Emergency ambulance.

The 52 year old man involved, who was now concious, was treated for suspected C-spine injuries by the NWAS staff, and with assistance from BMRT personnel was log-rolled onto a spine board.

The team provided a casualty bag to keep the injured man warm along with lighting for the scene; however a Mountain Rescue stretcher evacuation was not required as the casualty had come to rest very near to the tarmacked path surrounding the reservoir.

The incident was concluded at 23:15 with the injured man being taken to Salford Royal (Hope) Hospital.