Coffee Morning hosted by Steve and Dorothy Ransom in relation to incident 12/2009

At 10.30 hours this morning team call out members Chris Tennant and Elaine Gilliland attended a coffee morning held at the residence of husband and wife, Steve and Dorothy Ransom.

Back in January the team came to the aid of Mrs Roma Clough, who had fallen causing a neck of femur injury, (see Incident 12/2009 dated 18 January 2009, also articles dated 14 February 2009 and 01 July 2009), and on leaving hospital Dorothy and Steve had promised to hold a coffee morning to raise funds for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

On arriving at the coffee morning, Chris and Elaine were welcomed with coffee and cakes, friendly conversation, cakes, gratitude for what the team had done for Roma, and more cakes.

Chris and Elaine were asked to give a brief overview of the teams activities and Roma explained how she felt when, after being stranded with a broken leg and surrounded by a circle of cows, she saw the team coming to her rescue.

During the morning approximately 20 people attended to support the coffee morning and through generous donations from those who attended, a raffle of prizes, and Roma’s circuit of the Avenue to both promote the coffee morning and ask for contributions in which she raised £70.00 alone, an amazing donation of £300.00 was passed to Chris and Elaine for the team.

All members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank everybody who made a donation to support the team in its continuing activities and would like to make a special vote of gratitude to Steve and Dorothy Ransom, Jillian Cope and Roma Clough for their hard work in laying on the coffee morning and providing the team with cakes for their Wednesday evening training session.

Elaine Gilliland collecting the cheque from (l-r) Roma, Dorothy, Steve and Jillian