Lost team kit found by Belmont resident.

Yesterday evening saw team members at Wards Reservoir, Belmont, known locally as the Blue Lagoon, carrying out a series of water search and rescue scenerios.

At the conclusion of the exercise, with kit being put out to dry at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, we discovered one of our recently purchased water rescue throwlines and its container bag was missing, presumed lost on the exercise.

Thinking that was the last we’d seen of the throwline imagine our surprise today when we were contacted via email by Ian Hamer of Belmont Village to say he’d found our missing kit.

Out walking his dog early this morning he came across the distinctively marked throwline bag by the Blue Lagoon, and kindly contacted us via email, to say he’d sent it to Belmont Primary School with his daughter for us to collect from there, his daughter coincidentally had taken part in the recent school sponsored walk to raise funds for the team.

Team member Alistair Greenough was despatched to collect the throwline, and as a result of the kindness of Ian in taking the trouble to reunite us with this potentially life saving kit, we do not have to buy a replacement item.

So a big thanks from all of the team to Ian Hamer of Belmont.