Parochial Primary School Summer Fete

Today, the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team were invited to attend the Summer Fete of Parochial Primary School, Westhoughton.

Four team members, Matthew Hailwood, Ana Toole, Marissa Venables and Elaine Gilliland travelled to the Fete in team vehicle BM2 and were greeted by organisers Jayne, Vice-Chair of Governors, PTA member and parent, and Claire, Parent-Governor, Chair of PTA and parent, who directed us into the school grounds and to the most prominent place – by the Sumo Wrestling.

Throughout the event, great interest was shown by the children who were fascinated by the vehicle and the equipment carried by the team and also by the parents who wanted to know more about the team and the activities that we undertake.

The event was extremely well attended and when the children were not dressing up as Sumo Wrestlers and trying to throw each other off the Sumo ring, they were alternating between the police and mountain rescue vehicles.

Face-painting, sponge throwing at the teachers and netball and football were also part of the fun provided by the primary school and the event finished on a high note as the bad weather that had been promised did not emerge.

The team members thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the children and their parents and the team would like to thank Parochial Primary School for the invitation to attend this very successful event.