Incident 58/2009

Today at 17:49 North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area) paged the Team for assistance with an incident. The page was answered by Team Leader Garry Rhodes, who had literally just left our Ladybridge Hall Base.

As personnel were still at our base, Garry was liaising with them to prepare our 2 vehicles at our Ladybridge Hall Base for immediate dispatch and also getting the information required from NWAS Control.

The 2 Team vehicles were already crewed with 2 in each and on route when at 17:57 Hrs a full Team call out was paged for assistance with a male in the Irlam area of Greater Manchester, who was well and truely stuck in a water logged ditch.

At 18:01 Hrs, after an ERC radio call from NWAS control to our Team Leader, we were stood down as it was reported that the casulaty was extracated and apparently walking to the ambulance.

One of our members who lives nearby, arrived on scene as a GMFRS appliance from Leigh was leaving and an appliance from Irlam was about to leave, together with a NWAS (GMA) Ambulance, NWAS (GMA) RRV & a GMP Officer in attendance with the casualty. The male casualty was stuck in a water logged ditch, which also prevented him from being easily extracted – the more the crew pulled the more he was sucked back in.

After a short ’tug of war’ the casualty was successfully extracted from the ditch and placed in to the care of the NWAS personnel on scene.