Incident 60/2009

This evening, at 19:40, our Team Leader was contacted direct by NWAS (Manchester) control regarding our assistance at an incident in the Openshaw area of Manchester. Initial reports were that a female was collapsed on a canal towpath which may have presented evacuation issues for NWAS responding resources, given the distance from the nearest road point.

With some members already at our base, awaiting the start of our routine Wednesday evening exercise (others were already at the Manchester Airport Fire & Rescue Service premises for a specialist visit – see separate item), an immediate response was made by 5 team members in our BM2 vehicle, and two members in our Leader’s vehicle.

A full team pager callout was made at 19:49 to those not already at our base and not attending the airport visit.

Whilst en-route to the ASDA car park, Ashton Old Road, Openshaw, Manchester RVP, at 19:53 we were stood down responding.

A small number of additional team members who were responding independently were similarly stood down.

(The Ambulance service were able to reach and evacuate the casualty using their own resources.)