Mountain Rescue England and Wales Party Leadership Course.

This evening two team members journeyed to Hebden Hey Scout camp, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, to take part as ’students’ on this years annual MR(EW) Party Leaders Course, commencing this evening and concluding after what will be an intensive weekend, on Sunday afternoon, 20th July.

The course is organised by very experienced Bolton MRT team member Mike Marsh, and teaches through a variety of class room and outdoor practical exercises the fundementals of mountain rescue party leadership skills.

This year as ever the course has attracted participants from across the mountain rescue community, not just from teams in England and Wales, but also from Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. Colleagues from Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team within ALSAR are also attending.

With experienced instructors drawn from many English and Welsh teams those participating from Bolton MRT, that is Elaine Gilliland and Paul Brain will be in excellent hands.

For the duration of the weekend the Bolton MRT has loaned to the course our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance ’Bolton Mobile 4’ and a variety of mountain search and rescue equipment. Please refer to the article dated Sunday 19th July 2009 for a full account of this years course.