Donation from Leigh District Scout Council.

On Saturday 6th June 2009, team members in two team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances were on route to the Leigh District Scout Council ’Making the Links Camp at Bispham Hall’ event when they were redirected to an urgent search incident, see ’news’ article dated 6th June 2009. So our members never got to the Scout event and the Scouts present never got to see the teams intended kit and vehicle demonstration.

This morning we received a very kind £25.00 donation from Leigh District Scout Council with the following kind comment, “Whilst we understand that you were unable to attend this event due to being diverted whilst on the way to us to an incident, it was unanimously agreed by the Camp Leadership Team that this donation be made as you had intended to be there.

The team wishes to express its thanks to Leigh District Scout Council for this thoughtful donation.