Fantastic benefactor can now be announced, Bob Atkins of Parat UK.

A while ago now at one of our supermarket collection days team call out list member Samantha McKay was approached by a very kind gentleman offering the team help with the donation of some chemical lightsticks. Furthermore he stated he owned a company dealing in emergency lighting and associated products and if we got in touch with him he would offer further help to the team.

Following an initial contact by our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE, our teams Lighting and Communications Equipment Officer Dave Healey then contacted Bob Atkins, and various items of equipment were offered, after Dave had been his usual cheeky self. Bob Atkins of Parat UK asked that we only announce his kindness once everything promised was with the team.
Well it’s all with us now, and the team has benefitted tremendously from Bob Atkins very appreciated support.

Regular readers may recall an article on Wednesday 6th May 2009 within our website, about our donating our old hand torches to Cheshire LSART as a kind benefactor had supplied us with 40x brand new hand search torches. We can now reveal this benefactor to be Bob Atkins, this being the first part of a large equipment donation.

Furthermore Bob has also donated to the team over one hundred chemical lightsticks, for which we have many applications within the team for their use on emergency operations and training exercises. Two heavy duty, custom made, specially strengthened, tough moulded plastic, specialist padded cases have also been donated to hold our spare stock of radio handsets.

On Tuesday 28th July this week, team call out list member Chris Tennant journeyed to the Europa Trading Estate premises of Bobs company, Parat Uk, on Stoneclough Road, Radcliffe, to meet with Bob Atkins for a team ’photoshoot’ to publicise his kindness.

Chris was amazed to accept even more equipment donations from Bob Atkins, including another batch of over a hundred chemical lightsicks, two portable searchlight units complete with magnetric mounting cradles to enable their use on the roof of a vehicle for example, and a very powerful hand held fully waterproof / shockproof long range beam rechargeable searchlight unit.

The whole team is extremely grateful to Bob Atkins of Parat UK for all the fantastic equipment items he has very kindly donated to the team, roll on the dark nights so we can now get the benefit of all the lighting equipment he has kindly donated to us. Not forgetting by extension he has also helped Cheshire LSART, as his donation to us of 40x new search torches meant we could donate our older torches in turn to Cheshire LSART.