Three more potential members visit the team

Met initially by experienced team call out list member Chris Tennant, and then our Team Training Officer Andrew Ryding, three more potential recruits who had all previously filled in our on line initial membership application form, visited the team tonight to gain a further insight into team call out list potential membership.

All were given a very comprehensive overview of our membership requirements, focusing particularly on the commitment and dedication required.

All three were given a very thorough pack of information sheets on the team and have been invited to submit a full detailed membership application form in to the team, as the second stage in applying to become a team member.

Following the receipt of this more detailed full membership application form, our Team Leader and Team Training Officer will then decide whether to invite any of the three to join the team as Probationary members for a minimum six week probationary period.

Meanwhile two other probationary members, Judith Waltho and James Whittaker are in their first weeks as probationary team members.