Visit to the team by Yvonne Charnock and Julie Porter

This evening the team was pleased to welcome to its Ladybridge Hall, Bolton, Base / HQ, Yvonne Charnock the casualty involved in Incident 92 of Thursday 18th September 2008. (See news report dated the same on this incident)

Yvonne attended in the company of her friend and walking companion on the day of her accident, Julie Porter.

Readers may recall we reported on Wednesday 22nd July 2009 (See news article) the receipt of a very kind letter of thanks from Yvonne, after which we invited Yvonne to come along and meet the team, not as a casualty this time!

Both Yvonne and Julie were met by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, being further introduced to our Team Chairman Ken Oakes, and team members Mike Marsh, Chris Tennant and George Pike.

As more members began arriving for our routine training night, Yvonne and Julie began to recognise the faces of some of the members who had taken part in the rescue incident.

Yvonne and Julie had lots of questions to ask of team members, (and sincere thanks to profer) followed by a tour of our Base / HQ and a look over our emergency vehicles.

Yvonne of Harwood, Bolton, then totally surprised our Team Leader, by presenting him with a wonderful £300.00 donation for the team as thanks for her rescue.

Garry then had the pleasure of informing all the team members present of Yvonnes kindness in supporting the team in this very thoughtful way.

Thankfully the rains held off long enough for a photograph outside our base, with Yvonne and Julie. Our Chairman Ken Oakes formally accepting Yvonnes £300.00 donation on behalf of the team.

Yvonne and Julie were so interested in the work of our team and mountain rescue in general, that they asked (and were delighted to be invited to do so) if they could sit in on our evening training session on the use of Mountain Rescue Search Dogs and Trail Dogs. (See next article)

The night ended for Yvonne and Julie when they joined team members for a late evening social drink in the teams regular haunt of the Bobs Smithy on Chorley Old Road.