Letter of thanks from GMP regards Incident 40-2009, Thursday 4th June.

Today we received a kind letter of thanks from Superintendent Joanne Rogerson of Greater Manchester Police, Criminal Justice and Partnership, Manchester Metropolitan Division.

The letter was in relation to the teams involvement in the search operations centred on Deddale Park, Manchester, for two missing persons on Thursday 4th June 2009.

In the Superintendent’s letter addressed to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes, MBE, she states;

I am writing on behalf of GMP to thank you in your role as Team Leader for co-ordinating the search(es) on June 4th. The circumstances of the search as you are aware required extensive resources to cover the vast area of parkland, which due to the potential risk and concern for the missing mans welfare meant your team were facing many challenges including a very early morning start, as well as a corresponding secondary search for a young missing boy.”

” I would like to ensure our full thanks are passed to yourself and the significant number of mountain rescue volunteers from all the organisations that turned out on this occasion. Please be assured you all provided immense support to myself and our Police search co-ordinator.”

” Thank you once again for your efficiency and compassion in providing such assistance. It is very much appreciated.