A big thank you to Jordan Kennedy.

As regular readers will be aware our team collection boxes generate a large amount of donations for the team, and our many collection boxes are hosted by a variety of shops, pubs, clubs, hotels, garages and individuals.

Jordan Kennedy, the twelve year old nephew of team Support Group member Hazel Kennedy, recently asked if he could have a collection box to raise money for the team, by way of donating his spare pocket money.

The whole team extends a big thank you to Jordan for this very thoughtful and kind act in supporting the team.

Last night Jordan helped the team in another way, when he played the role of an ’exercise casualty’ on our Wednesday evening exercise on the slopes of Rivington Pike. Jordan received excellent coaching from his auntie, Hazel Kennedy, who works full time for NWAS as an Emergency Ambulance Technician, so Jordans pretend groans and moans were even more realistic based on Hazels tutoring !