Incident 62/2009

This evening at circa 20.17hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by NWAS (Manchester) Control regards the teams assistance with a report of a youth who had fallen from a rope swing in the Worsley Woods area of Salford, Manchester.

Living close by Garry was able to make a quick response to assess the situation, with a full team pager call out being initiated at 20.26hrs, just after which whilst still on route to Worsley, NWAS (Manchester) Control informed Garry of another request for the team, this time in the vicinity of Rivington Pike Cottage on the moorland track of Georges Lane. This second call was passed by Garry to the Teams Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, who lives close to this location.

Upon arrival in Worsley village centre at circa 20.29hrs, Garry met up with the adult informant who had been with the male youth when he had his accident, and she led Garry to the accident location, just as the responding NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance also arrived.

The youth had fallen from a rope swing in the Old Warke Dam area of Worsley woods, sustaining a serious lower arm fracture. As the NWAS crew and Garry made their way to the scene they were met by the youth in considerable pain walking out to meet them. He was led into the Ambulance for onward transfer to hospital.

Meanwhile Geoff Seddon having liaised further with NWAS (Manchester) Control regarding the Rivington incident established that NWAS (Lancashire) had dealt with it, with the team not being required.

In total 21x members responded to the Worsley incident, with Garry on scene, 3x other team members on hold nearby in Worsley Village at the pager stand down at 20.38hrs and a further 17x team members on route.