Incident 66/2009

At 11:42 this morning, whilst the team was still at Moses Gate packing up from the previous incident, we received a call from NWAS (Lancashire) to an incident in the Winter Hill area.

Our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon contacted NWAS Lancashire control to ascertain more details and established that a 35 year old male walker had sustained a suspected dislocated shoulder in a fall, and that the team was required to meet at the hillside property of Grange Lodge, situated overlooking the San Marino restaraunt and Belmont village.

An obvious immediate response was possible with the team split into two responding parties, one going to the summit area of Winter Hill, and another going to the Grange Lodge area. The 14 members en route, with two team vehicles, were stood down by NWAS (Lancashire) at 11:55 whilst responding with the news that the injured walker had managed to walk to the ambulance with assistance.