Aireshelta donation

At the Darwen Gala, on Saturday 22nd August 2009, Jim Hogan of Radford Street, Darwen, approached team member Chris Tennant asking whether the team would be interested in the donation of an Aireshelta, inflatable, shelter tent.

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes was quick to follow up this kind donation offer with Jim Hogan, establishing that Jim used to be a sales rep for an Aireshelta company and he was kindly offering to donate to the team an ex-demonstration model.

This evening Jim Hogan, along with his wife Kath kindly journeyed from their Darwen home to deliver this fantastic kit donation to the team.

Jim not only handed over the Aireshelta tent, he also kindly provided instruction and a demonstration on its erection and more importantly showed us how to fold it all away into a manageable package.

Team members figure out how to get the Aireshelta down to a decent size!

The team is very grateful to Jim and Kath for this donation which will increase the team’s operational effectiveness in doubling the Aireshelta’s at our disposal (which are used in the team for example as inclement weather, briefing and mess shelters).

This Aireshelta donation compliments the team’s other Aireshelta which was purchased on #article#1519#31st January 2007#.