Surprise donation from the Long Distance Walkers Association

This morning, amongst the usual bills and birthday cards for his partner, Team Radio Communications Officer Dave Healey, was extremely pleased to open an envelope addressed to him.

Inside the envelope was a letter and a fantastic cheque for £200 from Katie Hunt of the Long Distance Walkers Association.

In Katie’s letter she explains that ’…a member of the LDWA, Geoff Saunders, was to be rewarded with a gift for going beyond the call of duty as a volunteer of the LDWA.’

The letter continues ’The LDWA wanted to give Geoff a gift to thank him for all his hard work he has done for the LDWA, but he did not want anything for himself. Instead he asked that the LDWA made a donation to Mountain Rescue.’

As Bolton MRT was the closest to Geoffs home, the LDWA thought that we would be the most suitable Team to send the doantion to. Katie continued ’We know that Mountain Rescue has helped many of our members over the years. Geoff did express the hope that he actually never needs to use your services himself!’

So, from all of us at Bolton MRT can we express our thanks to the LDWA and especially Geoff Saunders, for this fantastic donation received today. We hope that Geoff and his colleagues enjoy the long walks, they currently enjoy now, for years to come.