St John”s Church Men”s Fellowship – Crown Green Bowling Fundraising Day at the Brunswick Bowling Club, Leigh Road, Hindley Green

In January 2009, the St John’s Church Men’s Fellowship visited Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (27/01/2009) and during that visit invited us to a Crown Green Bowling Fundraising Event where all proceeds from the event would be donated to the team.

Today was the big day and five team members, Mike Marsh, George Pike, Marisa Venables, Elaine Gilliland, Dr Clare Whitney and Clare’s husband Pete Whitney ventured to Brunswick Bowling Club in Hindley Green to participate.

A large group of experienced Crown Green Bowlers welcomed our ‘very’ inexperienced team and after a brief demonstration/training session each team member was allocated to a group of four players, two on each opposing side.

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, chaos reigned on the green as the well versed tried to show team members the technicalities of Crown Green Bowling, although after a few goes, some shining stars emerged in the form of Mike, Marisa and Pete

Marisa Venables delivering the jack

if there was a dressage event for bowls, Claire Whitney would take first prize…

After a plentiful buffet, a welcome brew and a few more attempts at bowling – yes, all team members were at the bottom of the score board – the St John’s Church Men’s Fellowship announced that throughout the afternoon an amazing amount of £250.00 had been raised for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team as its chosen charity for the year.

The team would like to thank the St John’s Church Men’s Fellowship for organising the event and raising the such a generous amount for the team and also inviting team members to participate in the event.

We would also like to thank every individual for their contributions, patience with the team members and for the loaning of bowls; a great day was had by all.