Exam success for Team members on our Casualty Care Course

We are very pleased to announce the completion of our 2009 Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate course, run to a national standard and curriculum.
This Mountain Rescue ’standard’ course has to be retaken every three years, but within our team we endeavour to run a course approximaely every two years, it being a Bolton MRT team requirement for all call out members to maintain a current certificate.

The comprehensive course content starts with a CPR / Basic Life Support test, followed by lectures and practical sessions culminating in a written exam, and practical medical and trauma scenerios.

10x Team Call Out list members suceesfully passed their 8th September 2009 written examination, with two team members unfortunately not making the pass grade and having to re sit this written part in three months time. (good luck for then)

11x Team Call Out list members sucessfully passed their pratical medical / trauma scenerios this evening, with no failures from all taking part.

Due to holidays at the time of the exams, 1x Team member has still to take her written and practical exams, whilst another team member just has his practicals to do. (good luck to you both)

The team would like to thank Dr Emily Bayne, an experienced A&E Doctor, for carrying out all the practical medical and trauma assessments this evening on the eleven team members who were being examined.

Apart from the two team members who have to complete their examinations, this now means that every person on our current Call Out List has a current Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate, a standard we are proud to announce. (and work hard to maintain, having been in a similar position since the mid 1980s, with the forerunner to this course, Diagnosis in Mountain Rescue First Aid, which evolved in to the Casualty Care Course)