Incident 72/2009

Whilst returning from the visit to City Airport Manchester, and very close to our Ladybridge Hall base/HQ, our BM3 vehicle and its two man crew at 16.43hrs chanced upon a two car, multi casualty, road accident at the junction of Beaumont Road A58/Victoria Road A58 and Chorley New Road A673 in the Markland Hill area of Bolton.

The RTC had been reported to the ambulance service minutes earlier, and no emergency services vehicles had yet arrived.

Our BM3 crew immediately assessed the scene, and called upon our BM 1 and 2 vehicles to assist which were a couple of minutes nearby at our base, the crew also directly liaised with NWAS (Manchester) Control, reporting to them on the incident and requesting a further Ambulance to the one already responding be despatched.

A longside immediate help proffered by the many motorists who had stopped to help, we were joined in our first aid by a passing off duty GMFRS Firefighter, based at Leigh Fire Station who offered his help, particularly useful as he was a Fire Trauma Technician.


Shortly joined by the crews of our BM 1 and BM 2 vehicles, treatment was given to an 11 year old boy with a facial wound and neck pain, his 32 years old mother who had chest and leg pains and the passenger of the other vehicle, a 19 year old women with chest and neck pain. Both the child and the young woman were given Oxygen.

With the arrival of two NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulances and then the first responding Police Officers, all joined together to further treat the three casualties, with the young boy and 19 year old woman both being treated for potential neck and spinal injuries, as a result of which they were both placed onto long boards as a precaution.

All three casualties were taken by NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulances to Royal Bolton Hospital. All Mountain Rescue vehicles and personnel left the scene by 17.32hrs with GMP carrying out their Accident Investigation works.

The following resources were involved in this RTC.

  • Bolton MRT, 7x team call out list members, BM1,2,3 vehicles.
  • A GMFRS Leigh Fire Station based, off duty Firefighter who was a Fire Service Trauma Technician.
  • NWAS (Manchester) two Emergency Ambulances.
  • NWAS (Manchester) Belle Vue Emergency Control Centre.
  • Greater Manchester Police, 3x Traffic Units, a divisional van and patrol car and their Accident Investigation Unit.