Incident 75/2009

At 07.00hrs this morning our Team Leader Garry Rhodes was contacted directly by a GMP Mising Person Search Manager, who is also the GMP Force Search Co Ordinator, regarding the teams help with the developing Police search operation for a missing 81 years old Ashton in Makerfield woman, with concern for her well being.

Throughout the early hours of the morning GMP had already deployed officers in searches around her home, also involving the GMP Air Support Unit helicopter India 99.

It was decided that GMP would continue with their search operation and that our team would deploy early evening if still required.

By lunchtime the teams involvement was confirmed and our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon met up at the Three Sisters Recreation Area Information Centre, early afternoon, to liaise with another GMP Missing Person Search Manager over developing the search strategy.

Prior to this team member Dave Healey had, as is usual on searches involving the team, printed off various different map imagery and aerial photos of the likely search areas to assist in our search planning and to give out to search parties.

At this stage we also requested Search Dog assistance from our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA, and Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team.
With the Police search operation gaining momentum and some search team assets on scene or about to leave their HQ/ Base locations (including our Team) news was received that the woman had been found by a member of the public, and had been admitted to hospital.

This was confirmed with all responding SRT / MRT assets on hold at 18.47hrs, and all involved or responding were stood down.
The following resources were either directly involved or deploying to this search at the time of stand down;

  • Bolton MRT at least 18x members involved, with our four Team Land Rovers deploying plus our Control and Communications trailer, our Catering Trailer, and our Airshelter tents in their trailer.
  • Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA England Search Dog (air scenting) team Alison Nicholson and Search Dog Floss.
  • Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA Wales Trail Dog team Iain Nicholson and Trail Dog Mij.
  • Greater Manchester Police ; Air Support Unit, Divisional Officers, 3x Tactical Aid Units and 3x Missing Person Search Managers.
  • Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team, 14x members including a Lowland Search Dog / Cheshire LSART team.