Incident 76/2009

Wednesday is our fixed training night but because we had been called out yesterday we all gave ourselves the night off, and it was pouring down with rain, so it was almost inevitable that we’d get called out !

At 19.00hrs a GMP Missing Person Search Manager contacted our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE direct, requesting the teams immediate assistance with a search operation just commencing in the Dunham Park / Dunham Massey area of South Manchester.

A 47 years old woman had gone missing the day previously and her abandoned car had been located this evening by close family members, near to the main entrance to Dunham Massey Park.

Following a brief Standby whilst our Team Leader further liaised with Police, the team was called out at 19.13hrs to RVP at Dunham Massey.

Two visiting Cheshire LSART who were due to meet our Team Leader at our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ were ’volunteered’ to assist us, did they have an option ! We also called on our dog handler Husband & Wife team in Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA, Iain and Alison Nicholson for their assistance.

Commencing around 22.00hrs, alongside the already in place search efforts of the Police, and SARDA, Bolton MRT members were tasked with an intensive search around the vicinity of the missing womans abandoned car.

Our Canoe / Kayak Search Team was also deployed onto the numerous water bodies in the area, focusing on those nearby to the car. Two Team vehicles were also utilised in a search of all nearby road margins and hedgerows, using vehicle spotlights.

All search tasks were completed by 00.10hrs on the morning of Thursday 1st October, and with nothing found that could link to the missing woman, Bolton MRT, Cheshire LSART and SARDA members were stood down for this phase of the search operation.

The following resources were utilised on this search operation;

  • Bolton MRT 25x members, including all four team vehicles, our Control and Communications Trailer, and our integral Canoe / Kayak Search Team.
  • Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team 2x members.
  • Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA Wales Trail Dog Team, handler Iain Nicholson and Trail Dog Mij.
  • Bowland Pennine MRT / SARDA England Search Dog Team, handler Alison Nicholson and Search Dog Floss.
  • Greater Manchester Police, numerous resources, including a Missing Person Search Manager, Tactical Aid Unit Officers, Divisional Officers, Traffic and CID.
  • Close family members also took part in the search.

Postscript: The following day Thursday 1st October, GMP continued their search operation, sadly discovering the body of the missing woman in woodland within the main park, during the early evening.

The condolences of all of us involved in this search operation are extended to the family and friends of the woman involved.