Plaque presentation to Derek Bell

This evening 14 Full Team Callout members, together with three of our Land Rover Ambulance vehicles visited the home of valued team supporter Derek Bell with a plaque to thank him for his recent donation of £410 in lieu of presents for his 80th birthday.

During the visit Derek mentioned some of the surprises he had received for his birthday including his son visiting from America.

During the visit we asked a number of questions including why he had thought of the team. “I have got to the stage where presents are of no use anymore and I would rather give the money to where it would be benefitial. Bolton Mountain Rescue are local and get no government funding”

The team would like to thank Derek, his wife and all their friends and family who contributed to this very thoughtful and kind donation. As a appreciation of the teams thanks we presented Derek with a plaque.

Derek also raised the same amount for the Air Ambulance.

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