Dave Healey in Long Service Award Presentation.

Today in a complete surprise for Team Call Out list member Dave Healey, whilst assisting with the running of this years Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue weekend, see news article dated Friday 9th October 2009, he was called in to the main lecture room at the conclusion of a session held by Derek Cartwright, Director of Emergency Operations, North West Ambulance Service, to be presented by Derek with a 10 Years Long Service Certificate To Mountain Rescue, as awarded by our regional body, the Mid Pennine Search and Rescue Organisation.

Derek Cartwright presenting Dave Healey with his 10 Year Long Service Certficate

Dave in his long service with the Bolton MRT has actually served for some 12x years over two seperate periods, which our Team Leader who authorises such Certificates within our team, recently found out whilst checking membership records, unfortunately the MPSRO only issue a 10 year and 15 year certificate so Dave got the ten year one!

During his time with the team, Dave has served on the Team Council as our Secretary, our Treasurer (as a stop gap) and for the last 6 years as our Radio and Communications Equipment Officer.

He also serves the team as one of our five Call Out contacts, and has many links at a regional and national level with all things communications and IT based in mountain rescue.

Congratulations Dave from all your colleagues in the Bolton MRT and the wider mountain rescue community.