Alison Yates rejoins the team, (Retirement didn’t last long!)

Just days over a year since retiring from the team on October 9th 2008, former team member Alison Yates decided that life inside the team beckoned once more, and that she was missing all the team can offer, late nights, no pay, poor working conditions, inconvenient hours, disturbed sleep and all the bad weather you can take, as one team wag was once heard to comment.

So tonight she decided to rejoin the team as an active call out list member once more.

With 16 years previous service in the team as a call out list member it’s great to have Alison back, and she was warmly welcomed immediately back in to the team, ie “It’s your round Alison in the Bobs Smithy!”. Rumour has it her husband and former team member himself, Geoff Yates, wanted his Wednesday nights back to himself !

So Alison, welcome back, and hopefully you’ll remember how to work your pager and where to find ’Channel 63B’ on your radio handset. See also news article dated 9th October 2008