Incident at Moses Gate Country Park, Farnworth, Bolton.

Early this evening at 18.01hrs the team was paged by NWAS (Manchester) regards assistance with the report of a ’child’ in water at Moses Gate Country Park, and that NWAS (Manchester) resources were responding.

This call was answered by our Team Leader, who initiated a full team pager call out at 18.07hrs, by which time a small number of team members were already on route to our two team vehicle base locations.

Soon after this NWAS (Manchester) Control directly contacted our Team Leader with a stand down, as a body had been recovered to the water side, with GMP already in attendance and NWAS having just arrived.

Our Team Leader sent out a stand down pager call at 18.12hrs, by which time our first team vehicle was about to go mobile and at least 10x team members were responding.

As our Team Leader was aware from the Ambulance Service that this incident was now a GMP matter, he liaised with the GMP Force Duty Officer to determine the team was not required to assist with any on site enquiries, such as the provision of on scene lighting. GMP confirmed shortly afterwards there was no requirement for the teams resources in this instance.

We subsequently found out through the local press that the body was not that of a child, but that of a 65 years old Bolton man who had been missing since October 16th 2009.

As the teams involvement in this was minimal, other than our Team Leaders time, it has not been recorded within the teams incident listings, but is recorded here for information only.