Team recruiting for trainee call out list members in 2010

The team has a small number of membership vacancies it wishes to fill in 2010. We are holding two recruitment intakes, in January and November 2010.

If you are interested then please apply on line using the on line initial membership application form available within the membership area of this website.

Please note membership enquiries WILL NOT be answered unless accompanied by our on line correctly filled in form, if you do not have access to this then please write ASAP to the contact address for the team in our ’Contact’ section, accessed above.

If from the information you supply you are considered initially suitable then you will be invited to our two-part “Potential New Team Member” introductory induction sessions (taking place on Thursday evening, 21st January, and all day Sunday 24th January 2010). Please note both sessions must be attended if you wish to be considered for team membership.

The second recruitment intake will take place on the Thursday evening 4th November, and all day on Sunday 7th November 2010.

If considered suitable beyond this you will be asked to complete our comprehensive membership application form. This will be given to you on the Thursday night session to be returned to the team on the morning of the Sunday session.

Combined with our assessment of you on the Thursday evening and all day Sunday sessions, if the details you submit on this comprehensive membership application form then match our current recruitment needs and criteria, you will be invited to join immediately as a probationary team member for a short period, leading to trainee team membership if considered suitable.

We will only accept recruits from a proven experienced hill walking and/or climbing and/or mountaineering background, we would also look favourably upon those colleagues retired or currently serving in other Emergency Services, but they must still be able to meet our attendance requirements.

Our minimum age for recruitment is 18 years old, as regards our upper age limit, well we have a small number of very active call out list members in their early 60s.

There are more details on what is required within the membership section of this website, again accessed above.

Please note

  • It is a membership requirement within reason to be able to attend all weekly Wednesday evening training sessions.
  • There are also very regular weekend fundraising commitments, some additional training events and standby rescue covers.
  • On the working week, there are opportunities to attend lectures to interested parties about the work of the team.
  • The requirement to attend emergency call outs is of course paramount and our reason for being, therefore if you have other commitments which may conflict with this requirement please consider very carefully if you can still commit to the team.
  • Team issue clothing is only given out to new members after a minimum six month long period of team membership, so any prospective team member must have a full set of standard outdoor clothing.
  • Prospective members must have access to a motorised vehicle. Members may be required to travel directly to incidents anywhere in the team area.

All interested persons are advised to read through our ’News’ section to obtain some idea of what being in the team is all about before rushing into making a membership application.

If interested act now as delay may disappoint. Click here to read further and apply online.