Recruitment news latest

Since actively reopening our membership recruitment recently, by the end of this evening we have replied to seventeen persons who have made a successful on line initial membership application to join the team. All have been invited to our January 2010 recruitment intake, which will take place on the evening of Thursday 21st January and all day Sunday 24th January 2010.

We are also awaiting on line applications from a further small number of outline enquiries to join the team.

We are accepting applications for our January 2010 intake upto January 11th, beyond this any persons interested in joining the team will have to wait until our November 2010 intake, scheduled for Thursday evening 4th November and all day Sunday 7th November 2010.

As usual with the seventeen applications so far received there is a low number of woman applying to join the team. (At present in the current 37x strong Call Out list membership of the team we have 10x female team members)