British Red Cross observes tonights exercise

This evening the Team welcomed 2 friends and colleagues from the British Red Cross, Stephen Hagerich, Senior Services Manager Emergency Response & Shaun Kershaw, FESS Co-Ordinator.

Stephen & Shaun following on from an earlier visit met with us this evening to observe our routine training exercise. Shaun brought along to the exercise one of the brand new Land Rovers donated to the British Red Cross by Land Rover in a major sponsorship deal.

Before going on to the exercise Stephen & Shaun met up with our Team Leader Garry Rhodes & Dave Healey. The four were engaged in conversations ranging from the difference of the British Red Cross and the American Red Cross – oh we should also point out that Stephen is American – to how Mountain Rescue in the UK is funded and one common point was how we all look forward to when the phone or pager goes off for a job!